Portrait of LL Cool DJ

We had the chance to organize two photoshoots for LLCOOLDJ (@thellcooldj), the current djcity Spain ambassador. He was looking for some original portrait pictures he could use to showcase his work as an artist and producer.  We had a very good time working with him! Let’s see!

Studio Portraits

Professional Studio Portrait - By Paper Prod

We really do love this one! It inspires strength! We took this photo on black background with three differents studio lights. The key light was a very hard one without any kind of light modifier, on his left side. The second was placed on his right, with a red gel modifier to enhance this power feeling. The last light was placed behind him, just to reveal a bit of the general shape : not too much, we wanted this portrait a bit dark though! 

How does this picture look? We would say kind of “dark angel”! We asked our model to stay in that position! We just added a bit of smokey machine in the background to achieve the picture! What you may not know, it was difficult to achieve, just because we had too much fun. Staying in this position without laughing was a challenge! Done llcooldj! 

Location Photography

Studio look for outdoor shooting? 

We took the two next pictures next to Diagonal Mar’s bridge in Barcelona. The sun was still very high. We found a little square under the bridge, still illuminated by daylight.

We isolated our model by putting him between two posts! We used a Profoto B1 studio light and replicated studio style while still being outdoor. For this portrait we chose black and white. We think it puts more emphasis on the model and the surrounding lines : we guess the posts without seeing any details, it reinforces the structure he is leaning on, and we are not distracted by the green plants beneath the structure! Did you see the plants at first sight? No? Perfect then! This is what we like about on location portraits! This is location photography!

We love this golden hour picture in which the lines inspires  strength (again!)! At the end of the shooting session, the sun was decreasing and we started to see this yellow light. We took this one behind the CCIB (Barcelona’s international convention center). We exposed for the urban background, and flashed a side light right in direction of our model. This way, we could mix everything in and get this dramatic portrait effect! 

These photoshoots were awesome! 

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